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Sparks CraftA modern day “artisan”, Chad Sparks, hand-makes one-of-a-kind custom furniture. Redefining “rustic” by refining naturally distressed, hand-milled finishes, on live-edge and large “naturally acquired” slabs of timber.


Sparks travels the coasts, foothills, and mountains of California to hand-select lumber specifically for each project. All wood at SparksCraft comes from “fallen trees” due to acts of nature, and or, trees that have had to be removed by arborists in urban settings. As often as possible, Sparks prefers to reclaim, reuse, or appropriate any and all of his building materials.


From “old growth” walnut out of Tuolumne Meadows (Yosemite), to 200+ year old reclaimed barn wood out of the Northern Sierra Nevada Mountains, Each and every piece that Sparks creates, tells a story of early Californian History.


SparksCraft will find you the most unique timber from all across the State and combine “old-school” workmanship with a touch of modern technology to create “one-of-a-kind” projects that will last for generations to come.


Specializing in large-slab, live-edge custom table and benches, Sparks also creates chairs, stool, fire place mantels, and decorative beams, as well as various other fun and creative projects.

refined-rustic furniture

Meet Chad

Whenever he is not taking care of his two sons, Miles and Harris, you can find him working away in his shop, continually challenging his abilities to create more and more unique and creative woodworking projects.


Sparks grew up in the San Francisco Bay Area and from a very early age, began expressing his creative side through projects of all media. Carpentry, Masonry, and even Faux painting and texture, have always been enjoyable projects for sparks.


After college He relocated to the foothills of the Sierra Nevada Mountains in California to open a craft brewing company called Murphy’s Creek Brewing. Sparks ran the micro brewery for several years all the while, continuing to pursue his love for woodworking. Teaming up with local lumber jacks and craftsmen, Sparks began to establish his refined and creative skills.


Custom wood floors and decorative beam work, eventually lead Sparks to creating “one-of-a-kind” solid-slab tables and benches. Sparks now lives in Newport Beach, California where his highly sought after creative projects, have enabled him to create SparksCraft, a company that he currently runs out of his home and continues to create master pieces of “refined-rustic” furniture.


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